No more shackles: single-player StarCraft 2 goes full-bore (via

Browder claims the team found it difficult to work with both the multiplayer and
single-player portion of the game, so the data was split. He moves his hands
apart to make the point. Multiplayer is all about balance and competition, and
Browder tells us he’s spending more than twelve hours a day with the balancing
team working on tweaks, while the single-player is all about providing a rich
and varied experience for gamers playing alone. This isn’t a training exercise
for multiplayer—Starcraft 2 single-player looks, feels, and acts like a
game that’s very different from what you’ll play online with others.

A very good move in my oppinion. Making it two games finally result in a RTS game with a solo campaign that doesn’t feel like it was simply added as stuffing to the multiplayer engine. :)

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