Just published: The Evernote Accelerator for Internet Explorer 8


I use Evernote a lot. For scanned business cards, for my documents, photos, to collect links, I even feed it entire pdf manuals for my gadgets… And I often want to look something up that I am seeing on the web and that I know is somewhere in my Evernote notes. That’s why, inspired by the Evernote open search provider, I cooked up the “Evernote Accelerator for Internet Explorer 8”. Simply select a word you see on the web and with one click on the Accelerator icon, search all of your Evernote notes for that word or phrase.


The Accelerator can be downloaded from the ieaddons.com site: http://ieaddons.com/en/details/searchhelpers/Evernote_Accelerator/


A short demo video of the Accelerator in action:

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