HOT: HTC releases freqent updates for the HD2, makes device run much better.


HTC now publishes updates for the HD2 almost daily.

First there was the “ROM Upgrade for HTC HD2”, which replaces the device’s ROM. I didn’t have to reboot a single time since I applied this update. Earlier, I needed to reboot my HD2 daily.

Second, there is a “Update for HTC HD2 – Digital Picture Enhancement”, a hotfix that you simply copy to the device and execute. If you ever reset the device to factory settings, you will need to re-apply.

Today, an “Update for HTC HD2 – SMS Function Update” was released. Another hotfix to copy to the device and simply execute.

Looks like HTC is really working hard to making the HD2 a great device. I am very happy to see this.

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