Mobile Tweeting Device Debuts – No Contracts / Activation Fees –

The new TwitterPeek device.
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Promising “unlimited Tweeting
anywhere, anytime, no contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees,” the
TwitterPeek is available today for the hard-core mobile, microblogging masses.

Interesting concept – especially with the “no SIM / contracts” policy.

Although the article later puts this in a slightly different light: ¨

“The mobile device sells for either $99 or $199. If customers pay the higher price, they can access Twitter through Peek’s mobile network for free for the life of the device. If they pay $99, they get six months of Peek service, and after that, must pay $7.95 per month for network access. Both price points offer unlimited Tweeting.”

So the “unlimited Tweeting” has a price tag – 100$. Still an interesting concept following the Amazon Kindle’s “Whispernet”.

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