Kindle has arrived. Box presentation and first-time device experience totally knock me out!

As a gadget freak I must admit I am pretty used to unboxing, from everyday things to the Surface Computer Unboxing.

Once in a while there is this box and device presentation that is absolutely awesome, like the Kindle that arrived at my door yesterday.

The box at first looks very low-key, cardboard and plain, black color. But at the second glance, you find lovely details like the special barcode and the tab labled “Once upon a time…” that you have to pull to open the box.

Inside, the Kindle greets you already completely pre-configured with your Amazon account and a personal letter to you, welcoming you to your new device and kindly asking for your feedback on your experience with it.

Reading on the Kindle is similar to the Sony PRS-505, the screen is smaller due to the keyboard but I find the Kindle’s fonts generally more readable.

The keys are well placed but sometimes need two presses before they react. The built-in thesaurus is very nice, use the D-Stick to mark a word and a definition appears instantly. The built in, SIM-less “Whispernet” GSM works as advertised, instant access to your bookstore account including book recommendations. Buying a book is a “1-click” action and downloading it happens in the background in less than a minute.


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