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The ASP.NET team today released a significant new update of the Microsoft Ajax
Library (Preview 6).  This update includes a bunch of new capabilities and
improvements to our client-side AJAX library, and can be used with any version
of ASP.NET (including ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0), and can be used in both ASP.NET
Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC projects.  Today’s release includes the following
feature improvements:

  • Better Imperative Syntax: A new, simplified, code syntax for
    creating client controls.
  • Client Script Loader: A new client-side script loader that can
    dynamically load all of the JavaScript files required by a client control or
    library automatically, and executes the scripts in the right order.
  • Better jQuery Integration: All Microsoft Ajax controls are now
    automatically exposed as jQuery plug-ins.

In addition to the client library improvements, we also today released a new
(free) Microsoft AJAX Minifier tool.  This tool allows you to substantially
improve the performance of your websites by reducing the size of your JavaScript
files.  It can be run both as a command-line tool, and also ships as a
Visual Studio MSBuild task that you can integrate into your VS projects to
automatically minify your JavaScript files whenever you do a build.

I have played with the bits today and they work great! In less than an hour I managed to update my demos that I will show at the Shape conference ( in two weeks to use these latest bits.

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