Successfully running Windows 7 on the Toshiba NB100 Netbook

The NB100 may look like a brick, but I still think it’s a great Netbook – with a keyboard that is a little bit too small.


I finally found time to wipe mine and get Windows 7 running on it. Here are my key findings.

1. Absolutely do a firmware upgrade to 2.10 before installing Windows 7. This will save you trouble with the graphics card not properly working in Windows 7.

2. I erased the hard drive and installed Windows 7 as a fresh copy. This worked fine. Two devices were not recognized by Windows 7, the Bluetooth-hardware and the Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband adapter.

3. To get Bluetooth working, I got the latest Toshiba Bluetooth stack for Windows 7. Installing this is all that’s required, the “Bluetooth monitor” from the NB100 page is not needed.

4. To get the Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband adapter working, I followed the idea of the brilliant guide by Jack Ukleja, but instead of installing the Lenovo drivers, which I tried at first, but they refuse to install on the Toshiba Netbook, I got the Vista 32bit drivers for the F3507 hardware by Toshiba, offered for download for their Portege A600, Toshiba M10, Portege R600, Tecra S10, Tecra R10, Satellite Pro S300, Portege A600, Tecra M10 and Tecra A10 notebooks.

This driver installs like a charm and Windows 7 properly detects the Ericsson F3507g hardware.

Next I got the Ericsson Wireless Manager 5.2.2056.12 as suggested by Jack, extracted the ZIP file and installed it by running the “Sony Ericsson Wireless Manager 5.msi” file. This way, the drivers from this package won’t get installed, just the Wireless Manager needed to initiate the 3G connection.

In my case, the APN of my provider (Swisscom) was properly detected and configured. In case this doesn’t work, the Wireless Manager allows you to create your own profile and set the APN name, username and password if required to connect.


That’s it! It runs much faster than it did in XP and even Aero Glass is working.

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19 responses to “Successfully running Windows 7 on the Toshiba NB100 Netbook”

  1. MatroGbg says :

    I didn’t get the 3G modem to work with the drivers you suggested, but it worked fine with the latest XP driver from Toshiba.

  2. Sascha Corti says :

    @MatroGbg Interesting. Thanks for the update. And good to know that the XP drivers do work as well.

  3. MatroGbg says :

    NB: I live in Sweden and Use Telia as provider. The thing is, those drivers are NOT toshibias own. They are relabeled Ericsson/SonyEricsson.

  4. Sascha Corti says :

    @MatroGbg As the 3g hardware of the NB100 is from Sony Ericsson, I suspect Toshiba has no own drivers. My factory XP OS image had the Ericsson-branded connection manager and drivers installed. Were yours “Toshiba” branded?

  5. MatroGbg says :

    The 3G driver was not branded, but the Wireless manager is.

  6. stussy2k says :

    hmm.. did the same, diagnostics tell me that the modem is working but it doesn’t detect my SIM card… any tips?

  7. Anonymous says :

    Which version of Windows 7 did you install? Did you upgrade the ram to 2 GB?

  8. Sascha Corti says :

    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and I have upgraded to 2Gigs of Ram, This is a very simple procedure on the NB100 and in my oppinion well worth the few bucks that RAM costs these days

  9. Anonymous says :

    hi, i have the done the upgrade but still got the problem with the graphic card. It will totally black out and no working at all after I switch on my comp for a while. May i know what is the problem, please? this issue have bother me for a long time,hope to get the solution soon. Thanks.

  10. a a says :

    Hey, thanks!!!

  11. Anonymous says :

    Can you switch to portrait mode?

  12. Anonymous says :

    I’ve done everything, but the wireless manager tells me that no mobile broadband modem… what do i have to do?

  13. عبود خطاطبة says :


  14. عبود خطاطبة says :


  15. jessica mayenda says :

    Can I upgrade my toshiba nb100 to windows 8?

  16. jessica mayenda says :

    Before I make a mistake

  17. erick says :

    gotta try this :D
    how big the screen resolution can it get after win7 installed?
    is it still possible to use just 1GB RAM?

  18. James says :

    Hello, I installed Windows 7 on my Toshiba NB100, but it’s running veryy slowly… the screen is very laggy and i cant’ use it smoothly…

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