Whow! Got “Fever” feed parsing server running on a QNAP network appliance.

This is amazing. "Fever" (http://feedafever.com) is a news parsing server that I want to test, promising to read all your feeds and pick out the most frequently talked about links from a customizable time period. Unlike traditional aggregators, Fever is supposed to work better the more feeds you follow.


But Fever needs a PHP server running mySQL. So I set out to install it on a tiny single-drive QNAP T109 Pro NAS / network appliance that I keep on the web. (http://qnap.com/pro_detail_feature.asp?p_id=79)


PHP and mySQL have been part of the QNAP firmware for a while. Now with QNAP’s newest Gen 3 AJAX based firmware, the devices support QPKGs, packaged apps that can be installed via the web management interface. Got myself phpMyAdmin to configure mySQL.

All I needed to do now was to put the Fever files onto the QNAP’s web server and start the test page from the browser and see Fever come to live. Very nice!


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