Microsoft Surface is now sold in Switzerland!

I am relly happy that Microsoft Surface is now available for Purchase in Switzerland, as of September 1, 2009. At first, we were not a country where Microsoft planned to sell Surface units, but due to the huge customer demand and our efforts to build interesting, local cases for Microsoft Surface, we were able to help extending the market to Switzerland.

Commercial Unit, priced at 11000 Euros:


Developer Unit priced at 13000 Euros, bare metal and open accessible ports on the side (I love this model, I call my unit “T600” in memory of Terminator Redemption) including Surface SDK licenses for 5 developers:


Units can be ordered online, the order form for Switzerland should appear on the Surface site shortly.

To see Surface in action, don’t miss the “20 years Microsoft Switzerland – The Magic of Software” exhibition at Technorama, Switzerland where we have 3 Surface units to play with.


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